New t-shirts and new copies of "Aeolia"

First of all; sorry for the horribly long delay in updating this page. You probably all thought we were dead-and-buried, right?
Well, we're very much alive and kicking, have enjoyed a nice summer, and now we're back in action and we've got some great big news to announce very soon.

For now, we can announce the implementation on this site of our WEB STORE !!! Yes, if you take a look up at the top menu, you'll see a menu button saying "store" - click on that one and you'll get right in there to order our new shirts and the brand new re-issue of our debut album "Aeolia". We're offering it in two different versions - the regular album - and the special edition, which is a hand numbered (only 100 copies) album signed by all members of the band. Check out leprous.net.

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